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On the wave of popularity. Today among us is the name, that almost every Internet user knows. But, if you are interested and look to the release date, you will find out, that this wonderful game was launched in 2018. But all famous streamers suddenly began to show it to their subscribers now. The amount of users grew incredibly fast. Every update was special and added many useful things for the process. People started to create funny memes and videos and spread all interesting details about it. Simple gameplay, graphics and small minimum system requirements made it available for every person with any device. All you need is to download it to your device and press the start button.

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Is there something special?

It’s hard to say, because you probably can’t highlight anything extraordinary. But everything in total makes this game exciting and interesting. People are attracted because of combination of intrigue, secrets and fascinating process of solving the mystery. In the beginning you and 10 other astronauts appear in the space ship, far away from your home. But not every spaceman is your real crewmate. The cruel impostor is laying low and waiting for the right moment. When you walk alone across the hall, or complete your task, he will unexpectedly attack and kill you. Your team’s main aims are to find out, who is the real impostor, complete all missions and return home.

And what if you become the betrayer? In this case you need some traitor tips from the Internet. For example, one of your main abilities is to cause sabotage to ship’s systems. You can turn off lights, disable camera system or arrange small breakages, that will slow other astronauts down. Turning off the lights may help you to unexpectedly kill other crewmates in dark rooms. Use this ability in different ways to help yourself in game process.

Other reasons to try this awesome Innersloth project.

Since you are able to play it with your friends and other people you need some helpful advice about the communication process. After you saw something suspicious, you should call emergency meeting and describe everything in chat room. People complain about uncomfortable way of discussing, because developers didn’t add voice chat. But if you are in a group with your friends, you are able to call them in discord. Create private server and enjoy it with comfort. It is also easier to create victorious strategy with voice, rather than in text messages.

There are three large locations in the latest version. The map of each one is spacious and detailed. This is mainly product for pc, so you will see every small detail of it clearly on screen. Speaking of devices, android users are also able to join the community and try yourself in the tough battle. The same goes for people with iphone. Unfortunately, consoles like xbox don’t support this product. But developers plan to fix it, so they and ps4 users can hope for better.

You can download hack variant of it to make process easier. The mod menu will present you such options, as x-ray vision and high speed. They make most opportunities unblocked and available for you. You are provided with beautiful free skins, funny priceless costumes and other cool stuff. For example, fans are in love with hilarious among us egg hat, and you are able to receive it without any payments.

Start your personal game now with friends or alone. They can join you, even if they only have mobile devices. Fantastic among us is waiting for you. Find out, who is the impostor among us.