Among us 2

We still remember everyone’s upset because of abolition of among us 2. All fans were waiting for different locations, special game modes and other cool novelties to this old good process. Here we provide you awesome opportunity to try all novelties now.

New exciting adventures. New portion of fascinating investigations on the huge space ship is waiting for you. Try to figure out, what happened here and make things right. Start with finding perfect lobby for you with skilled fans and your favorite map. Pick one of different colors, enter funny nickname and don’t forget to say “hi” in chat room. On the start system chooses you the role. You have low chance to become an impostor. Most time you will be a peaceful crewmate. Every role has its benefits and minuses. The crew members complete list of missions, that you can always check in the corner of screen. Impostor causes sabotage and kills everybody, but can be ejected, if the crew suspects him.

New opportunities. As you see, the mechanics is the same. But we suggest you to try hide and seek mode in this version. On the Internet you are able to find different set of settings for this game, and choose the best for you. For example, people usually turn off lights in settings and play without them all match. The impostor tells everyone his role from the beginning of match, and then begins to count. Crew members rush to the safe shelters, or walk between rooms at their own risk. In darkness, the impostor walks around and tries to find other crewmates to kill them, while they hide from him. The amount of adrenaline, that this version brings is incredible. And you can use other settings and plots to make the process more interesting. Just search for it on the forums and apply in your match.

In the latest version you are also able to find a brilliant costume for your character. Well-detailed skins, adorable pets and cool accessories go in addition to this version. Dress your astronaut in different outfits and combine looks with animals. This is your chance to reveal your creativity and sense of style. Despite you can’t stand out with your color, you may show everyone fantastic outfits.

Here we combined every new update, that developers added. This fantastic compilation amazes all fans and assembles all members of a community. Join them in this fascinating adventure alone with random people in lobby, or invite friends to share these feelings with them.