Among Us Android

Find the frightening traitor in your loyal crew, until it’s too late! We present you this exciting Innersloth product, where you can train your logic, intuition and skills in solving difficult riddles.

Meet the solid astronauts’ crew. Team of brave and smart astronauts are flying on the space ship. They prepare all navigation systems to go home safely. But turns out, that there is a scary impostor, whose main aim is to kill all crewmates and steal the ship. You and your team are going to figure out the impostor’s true face.

In other scenarios, you appear in the huge base on another planet, or in your employer’s headquarter, and complete tasks to save yourself. It is interesting, that several tasks are the continuation of each other. So if you downloaded data on the space ship, here you have to analyze it. And everything gets complicated, because the cruel traitor is waiting for you here too. The only option to survive and go home, is to continue doing your work and unite to quickly reveal real betrayer. Command discussion and general voting can solve all your problems, or destroy whole crew.

You should perfectly do your hard work here. No matter what special role the system gave you, you have to succeed doing both. Find useful tips on the Internet and create a perfect strategy. On many among us forums you will find necessary information, detailed maps of ventilation system, special cheats and hacks to make process easier and prepare yourself for the tough match. And check these amazing fans’ drawings. Every art is unique and funny, so you will find something to entertain yourself. For example, admirers like to draw characters in cool among us egg hat, which makes them hilarious.

We offer you to try this fantastic android version of it. Play with friends here, no matter what device they use. Try on mobile phone, or on big screen – you will enjoy it from the first seconds.