Among Us Character

Thrilling detective with funny little men is waiting for you here. This incredible game combines everything, that all real fans ever wished – exciting plot, battle between cruel antagonist and peaceful protagonists, uncertainty and unexpected plot twists. Innersloth knows, how to lure and entertain people.

Meet new personages. Have you ever wished to try yourself as a detective, investigating the real crime scene? Or maybe, your main desire was to become the brave astronaut. Here we provide you the opportunity to be both at the same time. Feel the adrenaline in your veins, when you go to the electrical room alone and for a moment see a person behind. You know, that it can be insidious impostor, who was waiting for victim. But even if you are scared, the crew needs you right now. You can’t ignore your tasks and your main mission – to return home alive. Go and complete a few tasks to help your team – analyze data, start reactor, clean 02 filter, clear asteroids, or fix wirings. But be careful, everybody can turn out as an impostor. It is better to invite other members and walk with them, in case one of them is betrayer.

Impostors also have their tasks. But on the map they also see places to cause sabotage to disable systems. On their screens there are two additional buttons. One for the sabotage ability, and another – for killing crew members. They reset in certain amount of time and can’t be pressed twice at a time. Antagonists need to keep calm and kill carefully. Crew members are watching on cameras, waiting near each other and know all impostor’s tricks.

Adorable costumes. For every personage in among us character there is a special outfit. We made all cosmetics, like costumes, pets and accessories unblocked here. Feel free to use them in this game to make your astronaut unique and fashionable. Enjoy your pastime here.