Among Us Unblocked

Popular cosmic mafia is waiting for all fans here. Meet your friends in private server and enjoy your pastime online without any unnecessary activities.

Exciting gameplay. This amazing game Among Us Unblocked will transfer you to the atmosphere of dangerous and interesting space trip. After you assemble a team in lobby, you appear on one of three existing maps. All actions take place in your employer company’s headquarter high in atmosphere, on the spacious space ship or in the large base on another planet. You are going to become a part of fantastic astronauts’ crew. Your main aim is to complete every task, that you need to do, even if somebody tries to stop you. And there are those who wish. Cruel impostors sneaked in your crew with only one goal – kill everybody.

His abilities are shocking – he can kill other crewmates, move by long ventilation system and cause sabotage. Everything to prevent crew from completing missions. But together you are able to beat him and eject from the map. You have the power of emergency meeting in your hands. Discuss everything suspicious in chat room and vote for traitors. Don’t let the impostor deceive you. Collect real evidences, cooperate with other people to figure out the betrayer. Don’t forget about small tasks. They vary according to location and are very interesting and exciting. Since most of them are simple, you have to complete 5 and more to finish the match. Only team work can return your crew home with everyone alive.

Don’t need to download. Try it right now for free and invite friends. Test yourself in difficult matches with other fans. You also have the opportunity to use hacks. Find the mod menu and pick a perfect one to spend your time with fun. You should join this friendly and kind community, because many cool and smart people are waiting for you here.