Among Us Download

Meet this unbelievable project, that will drag you into for a long time. Fascinating detective story, that takes place in space guarantees you positive emotions. It will amaze you with unexpected twists and difficult riddles.

Get ready to a flight. The group of astronauts prepares the space ship to the flight. They do simple work, collect data, check every system, establish a communication mechanism, and don’t even think about what happens right behind their backs. Cruel and insidious traitor also prepares something. But his main aim is not to return home safely, but to kill every other crew member on huge ship. To stop him and punish, crew members have to unit and create a brilliant plan. They have to either eject right person, or complete every task in their lists to fly away. All missions look complicated, but with perfect teamwork you are able to reach them. You just need to memorize the map and all impostor’s secret tunnels to succeed in match.

Additional opportunities. The Internet is full of useful hacks and other tips for both characters. Here we also provide the mod menu to improve your abilities in process. Go and open it, pick the right hack, like x-ray vision to see through walls, or high speed to run away from impostor. You should play it with friends to try all these cheats and have fun. Or turn them off in settings and enjoy the real conditions to fully feel awesome atmosphere of detective story.

You don’t need to download it on your device. Enjoy it big screen on pc, or use your phone. Yeah, this is also a mobile project, so don’t waste your time and start the match!