Among Us Hacks

You are a huge fan of this amazing product, but you need some useful advice about gameplay? We are happy to tell you some helpful secrets. Listen and adopt advice.

Some tips for scary imposters. Let’s start with the most interesting part. In the beginning you need to memorize huge ventilation system map. It is the perfect way to move across spacious location. Also, if you killed crew member, you are able to quickly run away with vent, instead of going through doors. People, who find the dead body, won’t be able to prove your involvement, because you will appear on other part of location. In the Internet you can find many detailed schemes of vent exits and long hallways, so go and check them.

Another useful ability is sabotage. You are able to cause simple and difficult problems. Don’t think, that simple and small breakages are useless. With the lights off you can kill crew members everywhere and don’t be afraid of catching. Remember, that all of them slow your crewmates down. You are also able to turn on some cheats and unblock many useful abilities, like x-ray vision or high speed.

It’s your turn, peaceful crewmates. You should cooperate with other teammates and walk together. The chance to be killed in this situation is very low. Invite to or more people to avoid unexpected betrayal. This strategy is victorious, even if the lights are off. Cruel traitor won’t notice other people walking around you, which can help reveal his personality. It is easier if you create a plan and follow it from the beginning. So we recommend you to invite friends.

Try this latest version here. You can also find all available costumes and dress your character as you want. Create him a stylish look with among us egg hat and funny pants. Add a small cute pet and start your journey. Make your pastime here funny and exciting.