Among Us Innersloth

Haven’t you tried yourself as an astronaut-detective yet? Among Us Innersloth is here to provide you this amazing opportunity.

What’s happening? You and 9 people are on the space ship far away from earth. The crew wants one thing – to fix everything and return back. But suddenly, crew members find dead bodies in different rooms. At this moment you all realize, that there is cruel traitor on the ship. The best option in this terrible situation is to assemble and create a plan together.

The strategy is simple – all teammates continue to complete tasks and fix breakages, looking for suspicious details. As soon as somebody finds the evidence, the team gets together in main room to discuss. Everyone has to be careful, because the impostor can lie very well to convince you to eject wrong person. Decide wisely and you will eject real betrayer.

Since you are interested in the plot, we will tell you more. This fantastic product is available on different devices, except consoles, like ps4. Developers always upgrade it, so you will see it on xbox and other missing devices soon.

All users here wear cool costumes and carry cute pets. There are some free skins and pets, that you can receive from the beginning. But here you are provided with every existing costume and other cosmetics added by developers. We make all reasons for your character to become unique and stylish. Check this diversity of looks with friends. Create victorious strategy, press the start button and enjoy your pastime.