Among us memes

You probably find this amazing product because of funny memes or exciting videos. People started drawing pictures about cute small astronauts and their life in space. Pictures quickly spread all over the Internet and the game started to assemble huge fan base.

Astronaut’s lifestyle. Funny drawings tell us about brave spacemen, who complete difficult tasks, while cruel and insidious impostor is hiding round the corner. And it is true. All game process is based on small missions and intrigue. In the beginning system draws up roles and randomly gives you the role of impostor or average crew member. For peaceful crewmates there are set of tasks, that you need to complete to win the match. Every time you will receive different missions, so that you can never be bored. You need to reveal all your caution and neatness, otherwise you will become the victim of terrifying betrayer.

Create a perfect plan. You should cooperate with other teammates to always cover each other. You need two or three partners, because one of them can turn out to be an impostor. The map is large, so don’t lose your teammates in huge rooms and long hallways.

Become the perfect traitor. The impostor here is trying to kill everyone and prevent them from fixing the location. There are sabotage, ventilation system and ability to kill in his arsenal. The simplest way to stop crew is to cause sabotage. You are able to cut off lights, break cameras and cause problems in O2 room. Several problems are serious and need quick response from the crew. O2 deprivation starts the countdown. As soon as the countdown reaches zero, you will win the match. Small breakages simply make the process of fixing the location longer, or help you kill crew members.

The vent is perfect variant for your character to move between rooms. On several locations you have not only ventilation, but holes in floor and ground. It is the fastest way to get to another part of location. And if somebody saw you doing it, go and destroy him, because people will eject you on emergency meeting. Speaking of killing, try to do it unexpectedly and fast. The best way to stay alone with your victim is to close doors in this room. If somebody presses the emergency meeting button at this time, deny everything and convince them, that you have no idea who closed the door.

Enjoy this among us memes here alone or with friends. All fantastic costumes are unblocked and available for you. Relish your pastime here!