Among Us Pets

You already know your main aim in this exciting game. Your brave crew has to find the real traitor and complete all missions to return home from the large space ship. But have you heard about the amazing cosmetics, that developers added to the game? If your answer is no, we suggest you to try this fantastic version here.

Adorable Pets. Added as cool decoration, they quickly became favorites of all fans. The cutest thing is, they follow you from the beginning, to your death, and stay in the same place, where the scary impostor killed you. Small and adorable, they please admirer’s eyes all time. Innersloth always adds interesting updates, that contains full set of cool costumes, different accessories and these adorable animals in addition to useful upgrades like detailed maps and fixing bugs.

There are five sets of awesome animals unblocked here. First set contains two strange objects, that bob side to side and look absolutely incredible. Purple with orange squid and brown bedcrab move very similar, but differ according to their size. Green brainslug and mini space ship are totally from another planet. They are very cute and look like the aliens from cartoons. Strange blue dog with one eye and frightened hamster in clear ball from the first sight seem like average animals.

But if you look closer, you will find funny differences. You are also able to have a mini version of you, that will follow you like your child. It will have the same color and fit perfectly to the special hat. In this outfit you will become a real team with two small astronauts near. And don’t forget about small and adorable robot, that tilts up and down his head. Pick the perfect creature and enjoy the process.

Interesting details. As you can see, almost everyone are the references to popular games, movies or cartoons. Developers didn’t miss with this detail, because fans love everything, that has references to other products. Animals also can react to the death of their owner, which depends on the type of it and on video of killing process. Don’t let them get upset and succeed in your mission.

We offer you the opportunity to try all outfits and combine them with other cosmetics without download. These special creatures can become the best addition to your look. Create a private server with your friends and show each other stylish outfits. Become the most fashionable crew member and don’t forget to win the match.