Among Us Sabotage

The exciting journey in space is waiting for you here. Developers transferred this amazing atmosphere of good old mafia to this fantastic product. You have to find real traitor and eject him, before he kills all crew. And this can become a very complicated mission.

Amazing ability. It’s not a huge secret, that impostor here is a serious opponent. Every art on the Internet describes him as a cruel monster. His opportunities amaze everyone. He has to outsmart the whole crew of intelligent people. And here the sabotage comes to the rescue. There is a special button in the corner on their screen, which restarts in several seconds and can’t be pressed twice, when one problem is already caused. As soon as you press it, you see large map, with points, that highlights places, where you are able to cause problems.

They vary according to criticality. The simple one doesn’t need quick repair and simply makes crew members’ work difficult. For example, blackout makes crewmates’ work almost impossible. In darkness, they have to move very carefully, because the impostor may wait for them round the corner. For betrayers, it is the perfect way to kill everybody – other crewmates won’t see you, even being in the same room. Communication system breakage disables cameras, so that nobody can watch you killing teammates. Critical breakages have to be immediately repaired, or the impostor wins. They stop all crew’s work, because they all rush to fix them. These include O2 deprivation and reactor meltdown.

Close doors! One of the most helpful abilities is to close the doors of every room. To use this opportunity right, you need a special strategy. According to the gameplay, astronauts have to complete different tasks moving between rooms. You need to wait, until somebody enters the room alone to complete his mission. Then, close the door and kill him. After that you can also report a dead body and convince everyone, that you were also locked. It is the victorious plan, that many fans admire.

You don’t need to download it here. Just try this unblocked version here and have fun with funny and interesting people.