Among Us Skins

Do you want the most stylish character in game? Imagine being the coolest personage in whole community and dress like a super star. Everything is available in this amazing among us skins product.

Beautiful and funny costumes. Developers made sure to make well-designed and detailed cosmetics for your character. Each update contained sets of unique clothes and pets. Some of them are thematic. Cute witch hat, adorable wolf ears, spooky paper bag hat, scary masks and other thematic accessories are part of the Halloween set. For the new year celebration, you are able to wear funny snowman hat, hilarious antlers and other fantastic holiday hats.

Some of them relate to different maps. Special mira headquarter uniform and polus jackets perfectly fit the atmosphere of these two locations. Collect the full set of these awesome costumes to make your look completed. Some of them were free from the beginning of the game and you didn’t need any payments to look cool. You can buy others in set together or one by one, if you don’t need whole costume.

You can change colors right before the match starts. There are ten colors for astronauts, that you are able to pick in the lobby. It is easier to apply to the color of personage, than to nickname, because some people create invisible or long names to confuse other teammates. But remember, that you can pick only the vacant color, because everyone should have unique one. Create a private server and spread shades. You have to know, who was doing visual task, and who was killing crew mates at the same time, and not mistake them in discussion.

Start your own personal match. Create lobby and invite your friends, or wait for other fans to join you. You can pick a language of your lobby, the amount of impostors and the location, and enjoy process with comfort. Meet new wonderful people and make friends with them. Give ratings to your fantastic outfits and offer useful advice about the style.