Among Us Spaceship

New fantastic among us spaceship reveals all your resourcefulness and intelligence. Here you will feel the fantastic atmosphere of difficult riddles, mysteries and secrets. Try yourself in this exciting puzzle.

The largest map. This location is very popular because of its hard tasks, spacious rooms and other cool features. You start game from cafeteria – the main chamber, where you also call the emergency meeting. There are several chambers near it and a ventilation hole in the corner. You are able to fix wires, download data and empty garbage here. Cafeteria is a very spacious room. If you are the impostor, you should look back, while killing crew members. Somebody can stay here and you won’t even notice it.

In weapons you are able to do simple visual task. Show crewmates this process, so they can remove you from alleged impostors list. Feel free to use it. The biggest amount of missions is in navigation and electrical rooms. There are many helpful objects, which you are able to use in process. They have electrical shield and data point, so most assignments are the same. Other visual tasks are located in shields, storage and medbay chambers.

Game process. As you know, when you are ejected or killed by impostor, you are able to fly as a cute little ghost. Others can’t see you and your texts in chat. On this special map you can fly out of it and explore what’s there. At the same time, your crew members are trying to find out, who the real traitor is. After difficult discussion and quick voting, they eject one of the members. In this location you will witness how he is flying behind the porthole. There will be also small inscription, that shows the ejected person’s role in match.

Interesting and well-designed assignments are waiting for you. Go and invite friends, enjoy the latest version of it together and have fun!