Traitor among us

In this exciting logical project, you have to find and eject the impostor and stay alive to the end. Traitor among us reached the top ratings in couple weeks and still maintains a leading position. If you are a true fan of mafia or hide and seek, we offer you to try this awesome product now.

Reveal all your secret talents. You with the crew of astronauts are flying on the large space ship far away from earth. It turns out, that the scary and cruel impostor sneaked into the ship to kill everyone. Everybody is scared, but doesn’t want to die here in empty space. The crew makes a hard decision and creates a victorious plan. All crew members have to continue working on their tasks to return the ship home, but keep an eye on other crewmates all time.

As soon as anybody finds something suspicious, or runs into the dead body, all team meets in the main room and discuss all strange events, that happened. Of course, the insidious betrayer will lie to you, deny everything and pin all evidences on others. Here all your intelligence, intuition and savvy can help to solve this riddle. Think about all events, that happened during this period of time, about all evidences and find the right person. You need to convince everyone, that you know the real impostor and tell why you think so. Don’t think, that they will believe you from the first word. This is your main task – to prove your point of view in this argument. Since you eject right person, you will win the whole match. Don’t give your victory to the cruel impostor.

Meet every update here. Developers always add amazing and funny skins and other useful stuff in upgrades. They see every fan’s art and try to please all admirers. You will see new spacious locations, exciting tasks and many interesting novelties here. Try to play it and show everyone your amazing skills.